Dogwood decorative Arts Guild (DDAG) is the latest incarnation of a group that was founded in 1977 by four creative ladies: Leona Taylor, Sharon Predy, Jan Murdoch
and Valerie Skemps Originally, the group was known as the Canadian Dogwood Tole Society. Then it became the Dogwood Decorative Artists, and adopted its new name in 2004.

We are the only tole painting guild on the lower mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Our meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month at the Centennial Lodge at Queen’s Park, New Westminster at 7:30pm. (1st and 3rd. Avenue entrance)
See you there!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Retreat 2010

Once again this year, DDAG Retreat will be at Loon Lake outside of Maple Ridge, BC.
Here are the photos of retreat projects and details of class supplies and supply costs.

Anne's Orchids on a Black Suede Box
4 hour class
Supply Cost $12.00
Regular brushes

Nancy's Gourds on canvas
4 hour class
12x12 deep canvas
Supply Cost $18.00
Duster stippler, dry brushes
tape and regular painting supplies

Ina's Sandal T-Shirt
4 hour class
Bring white pre-washed T-Shirt
Class Fee $7.00

Sandy's Stepping Stone
6 hour class
Supply Cost $12.00
Bring your own stepping stone
or12" or 16" round mdf
Need lazy susan turntable for stepping stone

Shannon's Inks on Canvas

Rae's Dogwood Watercolour

6 hour class
Supply cost $8.00
Watercolour brushes, 2 water buckets


  1. Looking forward to a great retreat!

  2. Come enjoy the meeting Tuesday, March 16th when Mary Ellen Bullock will be giving us a demonstration on framing. See everyone then. I hope everyone is following this great new blog...Gail

  3. Can't wait to hear how much fun you had at retreat! Looking forward to the pics!...